Carving thru the waves of the winds
Condensation in my face
Rainbow tend to blind when you shred this high
Sun rays lead the way
Thru stratus clouds and anvil
Chargin static
Out of the pipe
into the clear blue sky





2am and I wanna text you,

even better if its you I’m lying next to

AOD stay glowin,

your name not showin,

and I’m hoping you think of me.

Sliding between your bed sheets,

embracing you nightly.

Stars dont shine as bright

as your eyes when the light hit.

I dont want you to take this wrong.

I know at this time dudes be on

sucka shit.

Saying all kinda sweet nothings,

gettin in ya sweets with nothin

in ya sheets and nuttin,

all to feel cheap and nothing.

I want you to feel this heat and love it.

Don’t rush it.

Dussee can mix subjects.

Laying in bed

Hope it says text message read

… next


Text never sent.






In presence of, privileged


No Stress


Soul elevator

Mind liberator

Heart racer

Neck breaker

Ladies favorite

Ratchets hate it

Fellas adore

Place no one before

Goddess bodied.

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ba(e)sic chic

IG followers daily
Everytime you roc a bikini & bun,
repost like crazy
Even on #lazysunday heart eyes all over your pages
Don’t post no pictures of me cause them niggaz be hatin

Goin live in the hookah spot
You & ya besties takin selfies all on the snap
Charcoal rotates, dusee shots with no chase
Tryin to break the internet, twirk competition commence
As views go up, dudes pull up
Shootin they shot, on the comments or in the spot
You might show em some love, give a retweet.
But everybody brickin

“Super single, want my 😻 tingled”
Says all your dating apps
“God fearing, ⛪ waiting and listening”
On Christian Mingle
“Niggaz ain’t shit” though, said your last post
Here we are boo’d up on Periscope
All week #clothesgrid by #fashionnova
Followers dont know if its @****** or @jLo
We all know you can get them same clothes at #rainbow

When the views get low, the mood gets low
Posting more and more desperate to steal the show
Went from scantily clad clothing, to bussin that 🐒 open
Trading pleasure selfies for money tokens



The sunshine reflects in your eyes is my sunrise.

I can lose track of time tracing contour lines.

They all create the shape of you.

I’m blessed to arise next to you.

Perplexing tho, with angelic glow how your ground to earth.

From here I know your not.

Distant galaxy gotta be, this just a place you rest.

Never worried ’bout past or present, only focused on the now.

Now your with me.


Hypnotism is quite a skill.

Under your direction with your eyes, I will.

Dive deep into the abyss,

interlocking bliss.

Through every hair strand, coast my hand.

I relish in the scent of you.

To quench my craving, leaning in for the taking,

quaking are your lips from embracing.

With every caresses and passionate breath,

your spell has captured me.


​I apologize, 

For every woman I womanize.
All the Ashleigh’s, Shayla’s, Crystal’s, Monica’s
Give me bout 2 stanzas,  Imma sum it up.
Lot of “fill in time” 2 feel in time.
Never thought about the time she feels through her eyes.
Wasted on slight truths and half lies.
Romanticize trips,  long stroke gripped hips
All you wanted from me is flowers and pink hearts.
I went on a voyage of redemption, seeking forgiveness from every sista I played.
That 4:44 got a nigga feeling sometypeaway
Righting all my wrongs, wash away my mistakes.
Writing all my wrongs so SHE can forgive me one day.
Cause one day I would love to see my princess see her life bearers together in love.
Not because she arrived,
because I don’t want the home to be together but so seperated she feels alone. 
Solo dolo know how that go.
But one of my worst mistakes, 
Is letting my personal past spill into our space

Still seeking forgiveness.
Seeking approval from you.
Seeking accreditation and validation.
I just wanted appreciation to ooze from your face. 
I know I’m not perfect but everyday I fought.
For love,
For royalty,
Remember that?
I know some shit I done you might not like.
None of it was dishonor,
Or dissing loyalty.
Always put you before me,
Never after.
Anytime it seemed as if, I believed in better moves.
Sick of slavin round clock hours with nothing to show. 
But you want me to do more.
While still tryin to build my own path to freedom.
Atlas with the world on his shoulder,
I just want you to hold Australia.
Talked to Tiffany,  Michael and J. W.,
I brought all them to you
As complex as I am I spilled my soul,
Some secret never known I told.
Even though you asked me several times I never fold.
Uneven, unconditional love I still shown
Even when I’m 900 miles and runnin.

The Vapors

I cant contain it.  

Sometimes I wanna picture frame it but it aint stainless

My veins is pumping straight hatred 

But its wasted 

All over this paper and this day bed

Cuttin down the road never across it.  

And I hate that it had to be that way so im sharing all your nakeds

With all my favorite…


Cause they seen it anyways. 

And I dont know how long you was able to keep me in a daze

But Im definitely no longer fazed

Splittin ends, splittin waves

We can just part ways. 

Hearts Fade


Left there 


Nu-Mag The Series Pt. 3

2 days in intensive care.

Concussion and ripped flesh. 

75% broken bones. 

Liver and kidney transplants completed.  Rehabilitation time is slated to be 6 months.  His friend and family visit. 

Some people in disbelief, many concerned.

“Is he ok?  Will he live?”

“He will be fine.  My brother is strong…”

“…I hope you’re ok.”

The conversation between Karon Jeffers and his wife Kamora was full of doubt and belief. All close friends of Jarrod, Karon shares a story from childhood.

“When we were in foster care we lived in a shelter.  Some of the hardest kids lived in our building, mainly in our wing, the East wing.  It was always fights and I normally kept my nose clean but not my bro, Jarrod.  For some reason the kids always would fuck with him.  I don’t know if it’s because he was smart, or a loner, or if he just didn’t give a damn.  They always picked on him though.  One night after a rec party one of the popular girls wrote him a letter about the poem he wrote her.  My man was just shootin his shot.  She wrote some things that were quite embarrassing to hear out loud for a 12 year old.  Darrell ummm… I forget his name, Darrell somebody.  Anyway, he was the main bully in the East wing. He had madd flunkies.  So nobody really messed with him.  He snatch the letter form Jarrod and start reading out loud.  Jarrod was so embarrassed.  I don’t know what snapped in him but he ran up on Darrell and punched him right in his shit!”

Kamora chuckled.

“Darrell nose started bleeding and he and three of his guys jumped on J. J poked one of the dudes in the eye, then he went down. I jumped in and hit one of the guys and broke some teeth, and then the father at the shelter came and broke it up.  Jarrod had gotten kicked in the arm so hard that he had to wear a full arm cast for 2 months.  He survived that, he will survive this.”

“I survived hell week with your forgetful ass too”

“Bro!” Karon exclaimed.

Kamora sighed in relief.

“Baby get the nurse!”

She rushes out the room.  Karon grabs Jarrod hand firmly but with love.

“Man what the fuck!  I thought you were outta there!”

Tears flow down Karon face.

“Awww man I’m happy you are alive!”

“Shit me too.”

“Get your rest bro, we gonna figure out everything.”

Nu-Mag The Series Pt. 2

​”what The FUCK!”
Jarrod screams in frustration and his vision comes to.  A stranger reaches to help Jarrod peel himself off of the brick wall he was pinballed into.  “C’mon young man, dust your self off. That was one hell of a collision wouldn’t you say?”  “FUUCCCKKK!!! ” Jarrod exclaims again in pain. Looking around for the car that hit him, he can only find his bike.  “Look at my fucking bike!” Jarrod limps over to his bicycle.  “Its in half!  $500 down the drain!” The stranger jokingly “At least you helmet saved you noggin eh?” Jarrod directs his attention towards the stranger. “A little quick with the jokes huh sir? Did you see where those punks went?” “No” said the stranger.  “So which way did the car go? ” Jarrod asked.  “Your life? ” the stranger questioned “No, the car! Where did it go?” Said Jarrod. The stranger extends his hand again to Jarrod. “Let me show you. ”

Jarrod clasp the strangers hand and a jolt energy flows through his soul and into his cerebral. Rushes of memories and forgotten subconscious rushes through him causing seizure like reflexes.

To reveal…

His first steps.

His first bike.

Hugs from his mother.

A friend.

A girl.

His first kiss.

Cold rainy night at the foster home.




Mrs. Silverstein.

Honor roll.

Adoption papers.

First car.

College exceptance letters.

Frat Parties.

Theta Orientation.

38days 19hours 5mins 5seconds.

El Salvador.

Grad Party.


Past, present and future causes our realities to exist.  No one knows the time or place on any spectrum where realities clash. When one experiences, collisions are designed to create or break.  To morph or deform.  To build or destroy.  It is up to you to determine what your fate may be.

“Life hit you and you began to fly off course.  Scraping yourself off the brick wall as I offer help is your depression and you are your ego. Laying in the street are your dreams, broken.  You have been riding them but not as much.  Your purpose is greater than you percieve.  Do not let life crash into you again. You never know if you will live again.” The stranger releases his divine grip and begins to walk away.  Jarrod reflexed decreases and he begs the stranger to stay,  to explain, but there is no time.